Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh how I have missed you! Progress Update!!

No seriously I have missed you! I looked at my blog today and was like YIKES!! It's been almost a week since my last blog post.... hope you all didn't think I fell off the wagon... in fact I haven't been able to update because I have been crazy busy... I seriously don't think I have ever... ever worked out this hard... some nights I am in the gym for almost 2 hours! However I leave that gym sweaty and with such a sense of accomplishment... I can honestly say that I am proud of myself.

I am dropping weight like crazy and I am seeing results in my body daily! I feel like it's Christmas every time I get out of bed. I run over to the mirror and check out my body, I love that I am so excited about this every morning because I used to avoid my reflection and now I love looking at all the hard work and dedication that is written all over my every feature.

This week has been so challenging between the work outs that are super intense and the new diet added to the daily day to day I am feeling a little overwhelmed but it is nothing I cant handle.

I bought my suit and shoes this week!!! It's all starting to feel official! I am also meeting with a posing coach this weekend. I have a lil routine that I like but I am excited to see what this coach can teach me because my transitions are not that smooth, bouncy or cutesy...but more like boom here is my butt... love it.... If only that could impress the judges then I would be kosher!

Raise your hand if you wanna see my suite!!!! Me...me....me...me.... <- what you are saying :)

You also got graced with a sweaty, pooped from cardio, kissy face from lil ol me :) 

I also spent my entire Sunday meal prepping, I am excited to make it routine because it has been my life saver from the start... I even actually turned down a social event because I had to meal prep :-( Fortunately my girlfriend is a rock star and is also training for her own competition and can understand my lameness. 

Cookin my Fish... which I feel like its all I eat now a days.

Shopping List, Breakfast, Lunch, and what I bring with me to work (4 meals) 

I have a timer set on my phone to go off every 2.5 hours to remind me to eat... which has been another life saver... also on that list is my pressure cooker, my george forman, and my kitchen scale... without those I would be lost! 

Now some progress pictures.....eeekkkk I hate the before pictures they make me cringe but I think it is important to look back and reflect on all the hard work that is being put in to accomplish your goals. It's the bad that reminds us of the good and it's amazing to see how truly far you have come. It can be done!

My mirror is gross... sorry about that :-( but here is a 14 week difference! I am so proud of my results!!
I am most proud in the Phanny Department! My butt has never looked like this... I told Mike I have model booty now lol! I am far from but the progress between these to pictures makes me wanna high five someone and say hey look at my butt lol... Mike would kill me though ha ha!

I have started to get a bunch of family and friends emailing me asking me what I am doing and to help them :) Its nice to have someone ask you for advice and not the other way around. I even had a friend that I haven't talked to in a while email me and tell me that I have motivated her to get fit :-D I was so pumped to here her say that! I have had 2 MAJOR goals through out this. 1. Get up on stage and rock it. Winner or Not! 2. Motivate others to live a healthy and fit life! 

Things are going in an amazing direction! I wish I could fast forward but at the same time I am enjoying smelling the roses! Talk to you soon!!!!

xoxo Kaila

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