Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 4 Progress Picture

Hello there :)

Welcome to Week 4 hell! You are close to half way there... you are over your diet... and you will be starting cardio this week that will possibility kill you. I hope you enjoy your 4th week from hell :)

Just kidding :-P I'm a wimp ha ha

But no really I will be doing massive amounts of cardio to burn off some of this fat I have hanging out in my midsection... time to evict the fattyness!

I am excited to share with you my 4 week progress!

I have another one that I took of my booty but I will save that photo shot for later... but... just in case you were curious... I have seen some MAJOR results in the booty department! I was so excited to show Mike my progress pictures from January 2nd with dimple booty to now with Model booty! Eeeekkkkk these changes are making me so excited!!!!!!! Gah I can barely contain it!!!!

I have also been shopping for my competition bikini and heels which are not cheap but I found one that I am in total love with!! I will show you all what it looks like once that pretty thang arrives! I also have requested my first sponsor! I have asked my tanning salon if they will hook it up with some free spray tans the week of my show! I hope they say yes!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!! 

xoxo Kaila


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed on the sponsor, any help us a huge help saving money!!!
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaye for the bootaaaay results, those are my favorite too!
    I had a helpful secret passed onto to me about the heels. Go to your local adult store and they are usually only around $30. That may help and you can try them on.

    Loving your progress. Keep it up! (:

  2. Thank you Rebecca :) No word from the sponsor yet :( but still keeping my fingers crossed. I asked if they had ever done it before and they said yes so I think it's pretty promising. I will go check out the adult stores here in town thanks for letting me know about that :) I have also been stalking ebay like a hawk and have been finding a ton of good deals on there!