Monday, April 28, 2014

6 Weeks Left!

Holy Smokes!

Here I am 6 weeks in 6 weeks out! I have stuck with the diet and the exercise this entire time and have seen some amazing results. Physically I am feeling like a dang rock star... Mentally... I am feeling like... I really want a cheese burger....

I think that the hardest thing throughout this whole prep is that I absolutely Love...Love... Love food! We are homies... we are BFFFs... All I think about... dream about is fricking food!

Everything I eat now is to keep me alive... its basic nutrition to keep my body fueled and moving... I have had to get creative with my meals because they are BEYOND boring... what I wouldn't give to have All you Can eat Sushi, a Giant Cheeseburger with a fried egg on top, egg rolls, pie, cake, ice cream, Jalapeno Bagel smothered with spicy cheddar jalapeno cream cheese, Mexican food, french fries, milk shakes, cheese cake, brownies, candy, muffins.... mmmmmmmmmmmm

Stomach just growled wicked loud... it misses is yum yums :-( The thing is... the BEST thing about life is! And I feel like all the joy in life has been robbed from me and I want it back right meow!

Okay... pity party over....

I would have to say that this week I have hit the make it or break it point. I could honestly quit right now and never look back if I didn't want this so bad. Before all this I could quit no problem but after investing all the time and effort not to mention the amazing results I couldn't quit right now no matter how bad I wanted to.

I'm in it to win it... and I want to keep competing this summer... so I need to get used to it, which I dont think that I ever will, but I am used to the lifestyle. The 6 meals a day and the crave for that daily burn, even my little one enjoys going to the gym with me every day.

I also have my posing routine down now all I need to do is perfect it. I am excited that it's all coming together, just wish I could fast forward to the end... not that I want to get this all over with but I want to see what my body will look like!

Loving my results and that my abs are starting to show and don't even get me started about my butt and legs... I've been obsessing about the waist down department... looking super hot and toned!

I do have a favor to ask.... Do you know any good ways to do up egg whites? I eat them every day and have run out of ideas for sprucing... :-) I have seen a few online but I want to know what you do to make those egg whites bearable.

I wish you the best of luck this week! Be Fit!

xoxo Kaila

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