Monday, April 28, 2014

6 Weeks Left!

Holy Smokes!

Here I am 6 weeks in 6 weeks out! I have stuck with the diet and the exercise this entire time and have seen some amazing results. Physically I am feeling like a dang rock star... Mentally... I am feeling like... I really want a cheese burger....

I think that the hardest thing throughout this whole prep is that I absolutely Love...Love... Love food! We are homies... we are BFFFs... All I think about... dream about is fricking food!

Everything I eat now is to keep me alive... its basic nutrition to keep my body fueled and moving... I have had to get creative with my meals because they are BEYOND boring... what I wouldn't give to have All you Can eat Sushi, a Giant Cheeseburger with a fried egg on top, egg rolls, pie, cake, ice cream, Jalapeno Bagel smothered with spicy cheddar jalapeno cream cheese, Mexican food, french fries, milk shakes, cheese cake, brownies, candy, muffins.... mmmmmmmmmmmm

Stomach just growled wicked loud... it misses is yum yums :-( The thing is... the BEST thing about life is! And I feel like all the joy in life has been robbed from me and I want it back right meow!

Okay... pity party over....

I would have to say that this week I have hit the make it or break it point. I could honestly quit right now and never look back if I didn't want this so bad. Before all this I could quit no problem but after investing all the time and effort not to mention the amazing results I couldn't quit right now no matter how bad I wanted to.

I'm in it to win it... and I want to keep competing this summer... so I need to get used to it, which I dont think that I ever will, but I am used to the lifestyle. The 6 meals a day and the crave for that daily burn, even my little one enjoys going to the gym with me every day.

I also have my posing routine down now all I need to do is perfect it. I am excited that it's all coming together, just wish I could fast forward to the end... not that I want to get this all over with but I want to see what my body will look like!

Loving my results and that my abs are starting to show and don't even get me started about my butt and legs... I've been obsessing about the waist down department... looking super hot and toned!

I do have a favor to ask.... Do you know any good ways to do up egg whites? I eat them every day and have run out of ideas for sprucing... :-) I have seen a few online but I want to know what you do to make those egg whites bearable.

I wish you the best of luck this week! Be Fit!

xoxo Kaila

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

7 Weeks Left!!!

This is all starting to sink in super fast!

You know how when you first start something and it seems like a million years until the end is in sight? That during the first few weeks/months of the process it just feels like you are going through the motions but not really getting anywhere? Then all of a sudden... BOOM... right out of no where and you are half way there, the end is in sight and holy guacamole you friggin did it!

That's how I feel right now.

This whole time I feel like I have been just doing this...doing the work outs... doing the diet... shopping for suites and shoes... but I take a look back to the very very beginning and realize that I have come so far!

I did the diet, the workouts, the shopping and its only 7 weeks until show time!

I posted on my Facebook Page yesterday that I feel like I have already won. I was looking back at some pictures that I took at the beginning of all this and realized how far I have actually come. I got my suit and shoes in the mail yesterday and when I put them on it all became super real. I am really going to compete in a fitness competition. I also said that I was my biggest competition, bigger than anything that I will encounter on that stage and I am giving myself one serious pat on the back!

If you would have asked me this time last year if I ever saw myself competing in a fitness competition I would have probably looked at you like you were from some other planet and then laughed an "uh hell no" and a "what planet are you from" and maybe an "are you crazy? I could never do that"

Well I turned my never's into now's and I am amazed just completely and utterly amazed!

The crazy thing is, is that ANYONE can do this! I never realized until now how many excuses I gave myself to get out of getting in shape... and really all I was doing was not holding myself accountable.

If there is anything that I do not have it would be time. But you know what... if you want it bad enough you will make time. Believe me.... you will find a way.

My days pretty much look like this right now

6am: Wake up
7am: Eat
9am: Take princess to school and go to work
5:30pm: Pick up princess from school
6pm: Go to the gym
8pm: Get home
9pm: Make lunches for the man, me and the princess
9:45pm: Do the dishes and anything else
10pm: finally sit down

*I am in the gym 6 days a week! Monday-Saturday

Its frickin tough but I push through it each and every day. My pay off is when I lift up my shirt and look in the mirror. Your body keeps track of what you do even when you don't keep track yourself... and I am in love with what I am seeing... I think I am borderline narcissistic... not in a bad way but in the way where I have NEVER EVER seen my body look like this before and I cant stop staring at myself!

If you have ever considered or have been interested in competing and you are reading this right now... put down everything and do some research and seriously do it! I have not had one single regret throughout this process and it is been just down right amazing! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself! So excited to see what happens over the next 7 weeks!
7 Weeks Left!!! 

xoxo Kaila

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh how I have missed you! Progress Update!!

No seriously I have missed you! I looked at my blog today and was like YIKES!! It's been almost a week since my last blog post.... hope you all didn't think I fell off the wagon... in fact I haven't been able to update because I have been crazy busy... I seriously don't think I have ever... ever worked out this hard... some nights I am in the gym for almost 2 hours! However I leave that gym sweaty and with such a sense of accomplishment... I can honestly say that I am proud of myself.

I am dropping weight like crazy and I am seeing results in my body daily! I feel like it's Christmas every time I get out of bed. I run over to the mirror and check out my body, I love that I am so excited about this every morning because I used to avoid my reflection and now I love looking at all the hard work and dedication that is written all over my every feature.

This week has been so challenging between the work outs that are super intense and the new diet added to the daily day to day I am feeling a little overwhelmed but it is nothing I cant handle.

I bought my suit and shoes this week!!! It's all starting to feel official! I am also meeting with a posing coach this weekend. I have a lil routine that I like but I am excited to see what this coach can teach me because my transitions are not that smooth, bouncy or cutesy...but more like boom here is my butt... love it.... If only that could impress the judges then I would be kosher!

Raise your hand if you wanna see my suite!!!! <- what you are saying :)

You also got graced with a sweaty, pooped from cardio, kissy face from lil ol me :) 

I also spent my entire Sunday meal prepping, I am excited to make it routine because it has been my life saver from the start... I even actually turned down a social event because I had to meal prep :-( Fortunately my girlfriend is a rock star and is also training for her own competition and can understand my lameness. 

Cookin my Fish... which I feel like its all I eat now a days.

Shopping List, Breakfast, Lunch, and what I bring with me to work (4 meals) 

I have a timer set on my phone to go off every 2.5 hours to remind me to eat... which has been another life saver... also on that list is my pressure cooker, my george forman, and my kitchen scale... without those I would be lost! 

Now some progress pictures.....eeekkkk I hate the before pictures they make me cringe but I think it is important to look back and reflect on all the hard work that is being put in to accomplish your goals. It's the bad that reminds us of the good and it's amazing to see how truly far you have come. It can be done!

My mirror is gross... sorry about that :-( but here is a 14 week difference! I am so proud of my results!!
I am most proud in the Phanny Department! My butt has never looked like this... I told Mike I have model booty now lol! I am far from but the progress between these to pictures makes me wanna high five someone and say hey look at my butt lol... Mike would kill me though ha ha!

I have started to get a bunch of family and friends emailing me asking me what I am doing and to help them :) Its nice to have someone ask you for advice and not the other way around. I even had a friend that I haven't talked to in a while email me and tell me that I have motivated her to get fit :-D I was so pumped to here her say that! I have had 2 MAJOR goals through out this. 1. Get up on stage and rock it. Winner or Not! 2. Motivate others to live a healthy and fit life! 

Things are going in an amazing direction! I wish I could fast forward but at the same time I am enjoying smelling the roses! Talk to you soon!!!!

xoxo Kaila

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Never Knew Making a Sandwich Would Be So Emotional...

Yes, yes you read that title right... I almost cried last night because I thought I would be the best woman a man could ever have and made Mike the most delicious looking breakfast sandwiches I have ever seen or made... I mean they came out perfectly amazing... and I wanted to eat them ALL! So since I am such an honest blogger I just could not, not, share my pain with all you lovely folks :) This I swear is where you find out what you are made of.... cooking delish food for your man and not getting to eat a single bite! I will get this out of the way quickly...

Okay I am done teasing you! But not eating at least one is some serious will power!

Training today was 30 minutes of really good cardio, I was feeling it the entire time and was super pumped. I think I am going to add 5 extra minutes tomorrow and another 5 each time I do cardio to build myself up. In the last 5 minutes after every minute went by, I upped the intensity a little more and gave it everything I had. I felt AMAZING afterwards! Like a serious winner. I was super sweaty and I had pushed myself... and it felt great. I love the way that cardio makes me feel right afterward. And you get that awesome sweaty glow. I also have my first official after gym selfie :-D

I am happy with the way my arms are coming along :)

I also gave myself a little experiment today and wanted to see how much water I am actually drinking... I have pretty much been assuming that I drink about a gallon a day when actually when I measured it I am drinking close to two gallons of water a day! 

I bought myself a gallon of water and filled up the cup that I reuse for water every day. I was half way through it by 11:30 and totally done by 2. I also drank about another half gallon more. 

Everything about this competition is now starting to sink in. The changes are there and I can tell in my motivation and determination! I am loving, absolutely loving everything about this competition prep! I can't wait to see what my coach has in store for me cause I am ready to rock!!! My mom might even fly to Reno from Arlington WA to come see me! That would be so awesome! I love my mamma she is where I get my love of life. 

9 Weeks Left!!!!

xoxo Kaila

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 4 Progress Picture

Hello there :)

Welcome to Week 4 hell! You are close to half way there... you are over your diet... and you will be starting cardio this week that will possibility kill you. I hope you enjoy your 4th week from hell :)

Just kidding :-P I'm a wimp ha ha

But no really I will be doing massive amounts of cardio to burn off some of this fat I have hanging out in my midsection... time to evict the fattyness!

I am excited to share with you my 4 week progress!

I have another one that I took of my booty but I will save that photo shot for later... but... just in case you were curious... I have seen some MAJOR results in the booty department! I was so excited to show Mike my progress pictures from January 2nd with dimple booty to now with Model booty! Eeeekkkkk these changes are making me so excited!!!!!!! Gah I can barely contain it!!!!

I have also been shopping for my competition bikini and heels which are not cheap but I found one that I am in total love with!! I will show you all what it looks like once that pretty thang arrives! I also have requested my first sponsor! I have asked my tanning salon if they will hook it up with some free spray tans the week of my show! I hope they say yes!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!! 

xoxo Kaila

Sunday, April 6, 2014

And I'm Back!!

Oh my gosh I thought this day would never come!!! I FINALLY have internet back! Took way to long :) So much has happened!!

I have had a pretty successful week stayed really good with my meal plan and made friends with another awesome blogger who is going through the same process I am. She is also blogging so you have to check this girl out :)

I am stoked to have my first official blogging buddy, I adore Rebecca she is inspirational! :) 

Also want to let you know that I have decided to get a competition coach. I have been obsessing about this whole competition thing and I think I am in way over my head here. Maybe a second show I can go in it all by myself but I really need expert help here. I have decided to go with Fitness Poynters and so has Rebecca. I am hoping to see great things come from this! I am also excited to be taking the guess work out of all this fun! 

I joined Eagle Fitness and I plan on making it my second home! They thankfully have free child care so I can head over there right after I get off work and pick up my princess from school. 

This weekend I had a major cheat weekend :) and by cheating I mean I drank to much alcohol at my girlfriend's bridal shower and bachelorette party. It totally put a damper on my day but I am glad I got it all out of my system because not a drop for the next 62 days! 

Here are some cute pictures from the party :) isn't the bride to be Beautiful!!!

And some fun ones :) 

We played He said She said and her future husband has a big red beard :) It was a ton of fun. 

I also did some cooking through out the week and I wanted to share the recipes with you :-) You can check out my Recipes Page for all the ones I post throughout my journey!

And here is my Week 4 Meal Plan... But it will be my last one since I have decided to go with a coach I will be just sharing meal prep tips and recipes from here on out.

So there is my update :-) Back to daily check ins! What are you doing to stay in shape? I would love to hear some feed back!

Have a great night!

xoxo Kaila

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 3 Meal Plan

Sorry this is late guys :-( I still have no internet at home and I am being very very sneaky and using my computer at work. Here is my meal plan for week 3 :) Enjoy!
Sorry for the kind of blurry picture :)

FYI: This weeks meal plan took me 20 minutes instead of the hours last week :)

xoxo Kaila