Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Never Knew Making a Sandwich Would Be So Emotional...

Yes, yes you read that title right... I almost cried last night because I thought I would be the best woman a man could ever have and made Mike the most delicious looking breakfast sandwiches I have ever seen or made... I mean they came out perfectly amazing... and I wanted to eat them ALL! So since I am such an honest blogger I just could not, not, share my pain with all you lovely folks :) This I swear is where you find out what you are made of.... cooking delish food for your man and not getting to eat a single bite! I will get this out of the way quickly...

Okay I am done teasing you! But not eating at least one is some serious will power!

Training today was 30 minutes of really good cardio, I was feeling it the entire time and was super pumped. I think I am going to add 5 extra minutes tomorrow and another 5 each time I do cardio to build myself up. In the last 5 minutes after every minute went by, I upped the intensity a little more and gave it everything I had. I felt AMAZING afterwards! Like a serious winner. I was super sweaty and I had pushed myself... and it felt great. I love the way that cardio makes me feel right afterward. And you get that awesome sweaty glow. I also have my first official after gym selfie :-D

I am happy with the way my arms are coming along :)

I also gave myself a little experiment today and wanted to see how much water I am actually drinking... I have pretty much been assuming that I drink about a gallon a day when actually when I measured it I am drinking close to two gallons of water a day! 

I bought myself a gallon of water and filled up the cup that I reuse for water every day. I was half way through it by 11:30 and totally done by 2. I also drank about another half gallon more. 

Everything about this competition is now starting to sink in. The changes are there and I can tell in my motivation and determination! I am loving, absolutely loving everything about this competition prep! I can't wait to see what my coach has in store for me cause I am ready to rock!!! My mom might even fly to Reno from Arlington WA to come see me! That would be so awesome! I love my mamma she is where I get my love of life. 

9 Weeks Left!!!!

xoxo Kaila

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  1. I am so exited for us! I am glad we are using Steve Poynter too. I just can't believe how precise he is. I was way off on what I thought I was doing right. Haha. I am ready to get guns too, no more scrawny girl arms. We are gonna be some wonder women at our competitions. Whoop whoop! (;
    Hope your momma makes it to your competition!