Sunday, April 6, 2014

And I'm Back!!

Oh my gosh I thought this day would never come!!! I FINALLY have internet back! Took way to long :) So much has happened!!

I have had a pretty successful week stayed really good with my meal plan and made friends with another awesome blogger who is going through the same process I am. She is also blogging so you have to check this girl out :)

I am stoked to have my first official blogging buddy, I adore Rebecca she is inspirational! :) 

Also want to let you know that I have decided to get a competition coach. I have been obsessing about this whole competition thing and I think I am in way over my head here. Maybe a second show I can go in it all by myself but I really need expert help here. I have decided to go with Fitness Poynters and so has Rebecca. I am hoping to see great things come from this! I am also excited to be taking the guess work out of all this fun! 

I joined Eagle Fitness and I plan on making it my second home! They thankfully have free child care so I can head over there right after I get off work and pick up my princess from school. 

This weekend I had a major cheat weekend :) and by cheating I mean I drank to much alcohol at my girlfriend's bridal shower and bachelorette party. It totally put a damper on my day but I am glad I got it all out of my system because not a drop for the next 62 days! 

Here are some cute pictures from the party :) isn't the bride to be Beautiful!!!

And some fun ones :) 

We played He said She said and her future husband has a big red beard :) It was a ton of fun. 

I also did some cooking through out the week and I wanted to share the recipes with you :-) You can check out my Recipes Page for all the ones I post throughout my journey!

And here is my Week 4 Meal Plan... But it will be my last one since I have decided to go with a coach I will be just sharing meal prep tips and recipes from here on out.

So there is my update :-) Back to daily check ins! What are you doing to stay in shape? I would love to hear some feed back!

Have a great night!

xoxo Kaila


  1. Agggghhhhhhh! I friggin love you. (: Thank you so much for the support. I am one of the crazy few without Facebook so I am glad I have you. Pleaaase check Steve as soon as possible. (knowing you, you already have) He is super cool and extremely helpful. Yaaaaaaaaaye!!!! So stoked for you. Hugs!!

  2. Also, I need to figure out how on earth to do the links like you do. I am special.... haha. Have a wonderful Monday my dear friend!

  3. I am all ready to go with Steve :) I am going to be sending back my questionnaire and I did let him know that you referred me! The links are super easy as well! When you are doing your next blog post and want to include a link just click the blue "link" up by all the buttons above your blank post. Put what you want you link to say then add the web address and it will put it in there for you. Let me know if you figure it out ;)