Tuesday, May 13, 2014

4 Weeks Out!!! Pictures, Updates, Division Change, Upcoming Show Dates!!!

Hi there everyone!!!!

So I haven't updated in a long while... busy is an understatement! Now I see how in the beginning when I was doing all my obsessive research that sacrificial damage to the social life would happen... I...Totally...Get...It!

I feel like if I am not busy doing something then I am doing something wrong... I have even started carrying around a tiny note book that way anytime I think of something I can write it down... at least somewhere I can have everything in one place.

I am officially 4 weeks out! And if you may have noticed in my post title... I have made a division change!

I am so excited to announce that I will NOT be competing with the NPC... I have switched to the INBA!!!!

Reasons for Switching:

  1. INBA is a completely natural competition. I will be required to take a drug test. I love that there is an even playing field.
  2. INBA has AMAZING prizes for the pros that win! They are giving away a Car at the Olympia this year! 
  3. INBA fits my goals for competing and it also supports my future goals in the competition world. 
  4. I have a coach who is an INBA judge and 2012 INBA Coach of the year, 2012 Trainers Recognition award and the voice of the INBA and is currently being followed by documentary crew for a category called mini body building for kids fitness. Its going to be featured on stateside and in the UK. It will feature extraordinary youth athletes who are choosing a healthier lifestyle rather then playing video games and eating junk food. I am so excited that my daughter will be following in my footsteps and will be competing right along side me :) <-these kids are so adorable btw :)
  5. I will have the opportunity to compete to get on Team USA and compete on an international level against 40+ countries and 1000's of athletes!
I will be competing in the following shows:
The Zeus Classic June 7th in Sacramento, CA
California Naturals August 9th in Petaluma, CA
Night of the Natural Champions September 13 in San Francisco, CA
My Daughter will be competing in this with me. 
Natural Championships September 20 in Reno, NV
Team USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 27 2014!!! Las Vegas Nevada!!!!!!

So as you can see... I have a ton of practice before I go for Team USA... but how crazy cool would that be!

I have been practicing my posing every single day and I love love love my routine! It's so me and very saucy!  All I really have left to work on in the posing department is the flexing and the squeezing of everything and arching your back... it's hard stuff!

I have also been taking a ton of vitamins every day. I take fish oil, women's vitamin pack, biotin and a fat burner. 

My diet is super basic... it's nice because I know what I am having every day. I basically have egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast and chicken, turkey or fish and tons of veggies for the rest of my meals. Post workout I am eating more egg whites and grilled veggies. 

I feel like a gym rat now to... people are starting to recognize me ha ha! Oh and I have started doing Zumba! Funnest thing in my life! I like want to get certified to teach it on the weekends or something! I love it!

I sold my blue suit... it was way to big on me :( but I have a super sexy silver one but I am going to keep what it looks like a secret until you see my stage photos! I know... :) but I want it to be a surprise!

If you are interested in finding out more about my coach Bryan Eidem you can click on his name or you can check out his Facebook Page.

I hope all your competition prep is going lovely!!! 

xoxo Kaila

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