Monday, March 31, 2014

Moving Sucks!

Hey all I am just letting you know that I moved this weekend and have no internet :( I will be putting up my meal plan for this week as well as status updates :)

Have a great day!!



  1. I loathe moving!!! I always think to myself, "Why do we keep all this crap we haven't used in a year?!"
    I took your advice and created a blog for my journey. Please follow.

    Good luck moving!

  2. Yay how exciting :) post the link so I can start following! Thanks for the luck! This whole thing is totally messing with my schedule. Trying to jam it all out so I can get back on track!

  3. Right duh! I cannot figure out how to follow you through my blogger. I have your page added to my book marks and that is how I have been following. Can you please help? I am being more blonde than normal.
    Here is my blog

  4. Got it :) I see that you are following! I also have a "get my posts in your email" gadget thingy right above my popular posts :) And I am following you as well! when is your competition?