Monday, March 24, 2014

Today was Hard!

Today was hard and long! I am exhausted and the only reason why I am posting is so that I can continue to hold myself accountable for this. I had a long day at work and ate as soon as I came home so I ended up having to wait until after 8 to get my work out in. Not the best idea since I still had to make lunches for the whole fam as well as myself....and do the dishes...oy vey!

Since I am such an awesome fiance' I made Mike the most delicious enchiladas... then sat there staring at them in their cheesy saucy goodness and almost cried. I loooovvveeee me some enchiladas but my goals and what I am working for are more important to me right now and I can dig into some cheesy saucy goodness after my competition or for a cheat meal at the end of the week :) hopefully there are still left overs by then.

Yesterday I promised to put up my tuna salad recipe :) You can find it here!

And a happy little picture from yours truly to show you how I feel about my day:

Well thats all I have for today... ate right...worked out...drank water...peed every 2 minutes (tmi I know but its driving me absolutely crazy!) and now I am off to bed. Oh before I forget to mention it I have started to notice serious beauty changes. My skin is clear and glowing and my hair and nails look great :) Loving how all this work is paying off for me more than in the form of biceps :)

xoxo Kaila

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